Total Solar Eclipse November 13-14 2012

This Total Solar Eclipse is a Southern Hemisphere event, visible from Northern Australia across to South America. As I write, eclipse enthusiasts here in Australia are piling up camper vans and cars and driving the long haul up to Cairns to witness it. Everyone should see a Solar Eclipse at least once in their lifetime: it is an awesome event that forever changes your perception of reality and teaches you viscerally about our relationship with light and warmth aka the Sun. Lunar eclipses teach us about the Moon, but that’s another story.

Solar eclipses always occur with a New Moon. At the New Moon the Sun and Moon appear from the Earth’s perspective to be in the same part of the sky. So when the Moon moves directly in front of the Sun, as seen from Earth, the Sun is temporarily blotted out, giving an eerie period of darkness during the daytime. In Northern Australia, the eclipse happens an hour after daybreak, so will be visible (at 06:38 AEDT). Obviously if it occurs at night, you don’t see anything. The total part of this eclipse lasts four minutes, and two minutes of that will occur in Cairns. Two whole minutes of total darkness in the morning. Think about that. It’s a much longer time than you might think. Northern New Zealand will see a partial eclipse, with Auckland having 87% of the Sun blocked out. Read more……..

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