Lunar Eclipse November 28 2012

Eclipse Facts

The Lunar Eclipse of November 28 2012 occurs between 12:14 UT and 16:40 UT, strongest at 14:32 (For West Coast US -8 hours, E Coast -5 hours, Europe + 1 hour, E. Australia +11 hours). It is a penumbral eclipse, meaning that the Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra, which is the outside area of the Earth’s shadow. This means that the obscuration of the Moon is partial.

Lunar Eclipses occur with a Full Moon. At Full Moon, we see the whole of the Moon (well, one side of it!) because the Sun’s light falls upon it. Seen from the Earth, the Moon is in the opposite part of the sky to the Sun. So when the Sun is in the constellation of Sagittarius as it is now, then during that Sagittarius month, when the Full Moon occurs, we know that the Moon is in the part of the sky covered by what ancient humans named the constellation of Gemini.

Read more about the eclipse and the astrology of this Full Moon here……

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