You know that feeling when you’ve been out in the world, doing a hard day at work or on a trip away, and you open your front door and step into your domain, and feel your body release and your breath slow down?

You pat your greeting dog, put your heavy bags down, take off your coat and shoes, make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine, take off your outside clothes (and your bra!), put your jammies on, sit down on the sofa, and relax.

A big part of the beauty of that coming-home experience is the freedom to simply be. The freedom from acting how others want and need you to act, the freedom from dressing in the uniform of the “normal” woman, the freedom from being considerate of everyone else no matter how you are really feeling inside, the freedom to drop the outside face that you need to adopt, however mildly, in order to get along and to survive.

That feeling of delicious at-home-ness with yourself is what is what your period is for. If you can let yourself really have your period, it puts you right inside your deep-down self.  It’s a holiday from your busy life. A time to have your own thoughts, for your own opportunity for relaxation, your own ways of giving yourself gentle care and acknowledgement. It puts you closer in touch with your own dreams and imaginings and desires.

Your period is how you come home to yourself every month. It’s built in to the warp and weft of your materiality, your being-ness, to have a time out from performance, relating, and on-ness. Every month, when your body presses the pause button, listen, pay attention, and come home. Everything — literally everything — in your life will benefit.


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