Phoenix Rising

Understanding Menopause

Available as a one or two day workshop

For women at any stage of the menopause transition. Perimenopause (literally, the years around menopause) in most women starts around the age of 40-45 but can begin as early as 35. The workshop is also relevant for healthcare professionals who work with women.

The workshop helps you prepare for menopause if you are in the years preceding it, continue with more awareness and tools if you are already right in it, and for women post-menopause, helps you fully enter this powerful time of your life.

For all, as the title suggests, the workshop aims to connect you with the positive transformation of this major life passage.

  • Learn more about the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of this profound life transition.
  • Learn how attitudes to menopause are culturally constructed, how this impacts our experience, how this varies across cultures, and what we can learn from menopause-positive societies past and present.
  • Explore effective ways to manage your time and communicate your needs during menopause, both in your personal life and in the workplace.
  • Go deeper into your unique menopausal journey and the opportunity it gives you to clear the past and be renewed.
  • Learn specific meditations and practices that are helpful during and after menopause.
  • Learn more about how postmenopausal woman can rise to full effectiveness at home and in the world.
  • Bring together everything you have learned so far and create your personalised Menopausal Wellbeing Plan. Where applicable, learn how to teach your clients or patients to do this.

“Lara Owen’s Menopause Workshop was hugely informative, a relief to hear, and enlightening! As a woman deep in the perimenopausal dance I was thirstily drinking from Lara’s wisdom about the practical ‘what to expect and what to do about it’ and her spiritual perspective on the process, which is the wisdom lacking in our culture. Lara brings this wisdom through in a loving, generous and centred way.” Jane Hardwicke Collings, Midwife, Founder/Director of The School of Shamanic Womancraft

“The Phoenix Rising workshop was an empowering joy to attend. Lara has a strong yet gentle presence and imparts her wealth of knowledge in a very clear and very warm manner which makes the information easy to absorb. Much of what I heard felt new, even though I thought I was well educated on the topic. It was reassuring and enriching to hear other women’s experiences of menopause. The meditative processes were a treasure to me and a lesson in how much I need to allow myself space to retreat regularly.” Katherine Howard, Consultant Occupational Therapist, Psychodramatist 

“I really enjoyed the workshop on Friday. Thank You! Lovely balance of facts/information and phenomenological enquiry.” Fiona, yoga teacher.

“Thank you for the love, energy and breadth of wisdom you gave over the week-end. I’m learning more and gaining a deeper insight into my menopause journey.” Amelia

Lara Owen writes and researches on menstruation, work, and feminism. She teaches and consults internationally.

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