December 2020: A recent interview with me on cultural attitudes to menstruation and on how to develop menstrual awareness, by psychotherapist Jodie Gale. She asked great questions.

December 2017: An interview by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, talking about the menstrual cycle, the workplace, neoliberal capitalism, and associated matters. Also available on iTunes.


April  2016: Menstruation and authentic personal power, the workplace, activism, and the environment. Free on iTunes and at World Changing Warriors.

World Changing Warriors


Conference talks

May 2019: Video lecture on my research on menstrual cups at the Menstruation Research Network conference, University of St. Andrews. This link also takes you to videos of the other excellent talks from that day.

Oct 2017: Video presentation on the menstrual cycle, deep dreaming, values, and making a difference for the Dream Your World Into Being online conference for girls and young women.

Sept 2017:  Video presentation on menstruation and psychological and spiritual development, in the context of neoliberal capitalism. At the Healing Body & Soul Summit.

Radio Interviews

Lara Owen: Author of ‘Her Blood Is Gold” on Holy Hormones Honey! interviewed by  (April 15 2013)

A New Approach to Menopause! Author Lara Owen is back! On menopause on BlogTalkRadio (Jan 28 2013)

Her Blood Is Gold: A New Way to Experience Your Monthly Flow On menstruation on BlogTalkRadio (Sept 17 2012)

Lara Owen writes and researches on menstruation, work, and feminism. She teaches and consults internationally.

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