Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Creating Menstrual & Menopausal Wellbeing

Developing menstrual awareness, and later, going through the menopause transition mindfully, is a path to authentic, grounded, non-narcissistic power and can be a crucial element in developing deep and sustainable wellbeing and resilience. It is a natural, inbuilt opportunity for personal development, and is very helpful in avoiding burnout, for example for women with multiple responsibilities and those in leadership positions.

Too often we feel victims of the core experiences of menstruation and menopause and try to suppress them through denial and stoicism. But that means we miss out on the possibility of finding our authentic expression and living in a genuinely powerful way from the inside out.

In fact, when we take away the blinkers caused by centuries of misogyny and misunderstanding, we realise how much wisdom is inherent within these central aspects of being in a female body, how deeply our lifestyles and habitual behaviours shape our wellbeing, and how much personal power we gain by befriending our cycles and major transitions.

Developing menstrual and/or menopausal awareness helps you learn how to fully value and take care of yourself by honouring the truth of your experience and listening to your body.

Creating Your Wellbeing Plan

My integrated menstrual and menopausal wellbeing plans are completely personalised, and co-designed with you to guide you in creating and sustaining the optimal behavioural patterns to support your health, wellbeing and deepening wisdom.

The plan keeps you on track and gives you a structure to delve deeply and discover your own potential for inner development through the practice of open awareness during menstruation and menopause. Your plan includes physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The package of sessions consists of four 60 minute sessions taken within 60 days, with email back-up in between. (The package offers a significant discount relative to single consultations.)

Single sessions are also available.

Please email me for more information and to book.

Lara Owen is a leader in the field of menstrual and menopausal wellbeing. Based in Melbourne, she teaches and consults internationally.

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