I’ve been grateful to receive many positive letters and emails about my work over the years. This is a small representative sample of comments about my individual sessions and teaching.

Thank you so much for the teaching that you gave, it spoke right to my heart:) I have started to record my cycle and the moon and feelings. I have been opening up conversations with women about their period and it is amazing how much ingrained it is that it is a curse. I see these women and can see their pain and how their inner power is not as strong and grounded as it could be. Thank you so much for following your truth in discovering and sharing this wisdom. Amnys, massage therapist

Lara Owen’s Menopause Workshop was hugely informative, a relief to hear, and enlightening! As a woman deep in the perimenopausal dance I was thirstily drinking from Lara’s wisdom about the practical ‘what to expect and what to do about it’ and her spiritual perspective on the process, which is the wisdom lacking in our culture. Lara brings this wisdom through in a loving, generous and centred way. The space she creates in holding and teaching the women’s mysteries is welcoming and very precious. Jane Hardwicke Collings, Midwife, Teacher of the Women’s Mysteries, The School of Shamanic Womancraft

The Phoenix Rising workshop was an empowering joy to attend. Lara has a strong yet gentle presence and imparts her wealth of knowledge in a very clear and very warm manner which makes the information easy to absorb. Much of what I heard felt new, even though I thought I was well educated on the topic. It was reassuring and enriching to hear other women’s experiences of menopause. The meditative processes were a treasure to me and a lesson in how much I need to allow myself space to retreat regularly. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of Lara and her work in the next few years. A menopause residential retreat led by Lara would be especially wonderful.  Katherine Howard, Consultant Occupational Therapist, Psychodramatist 

I really enjoyed the workshop on Friday. Thank You! Lovely balance of facts/information and phenomenological enquiry. Fiona, yoga teacher

Thank-you for the love, energy and breadth of wisdom you gave over the week-end. I’m learning more and gaining a deeper insight into my menopause journey. Amelia

I burst into tears of relief and gratitude. I have never felt so seen, recognized and encouraged. I feel so fortified and words are really too small right now to describe the depth that has been touched in me by all you said. What a gift … and what a gift you have to transmit! Thank you, thank you! Mandana Juon, Queensland

Let me thank you again for being my turning-point and midwifing the process of me beginning to feel better about myself and to turn towards the truth of my feelings. L.W., author, London

How very fortunate I was to find you during one of the most pivotal times of my life! Your encouragement, honesty, support and guidance helped me considerably to create the life I want. With gratitude for showing me how vital dreams really are. D.D., astrologer and researcher, Arizona

Thank you so much for your help and insights. You helped me tremendously, more than you know. I had been at a low ebb, and your perceptive and wise questions and comments turned my thoughts around. You are so very astute and intuitive, and very fun to talk to, also.” C.G., environmentalist & writer, California

I find you to be wonderfully intuitive, insightful, direct, and articulate. C.R., author & lecturer, California

Lara Owen writes and researches on menstruation, work, and feminism. She teaches and consults internationally.

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