I started writing a blog post yesterday, but it became a much longer piece and ended up as an article describing the symptom clusters that go along with three common menstrual imbalances: bleeding too muchbleeding too little, and bleeding irregularly; exploring the behaviours that support healing these patterns; and looking at how character and personality type relates to the kind of menstrual symptoms you are more or less likely to have. So here you go!

Holistic Menstrual Health and Wellbeing

“The menstrual cycle as an indicator of overall health has long been neglected. Little research has been done on common menstrual symptoms that are conventionally categorised as minor or normal. We are told implicitly that we “just have to grin and bear it”, to suck it up and take a painkiller or ignore inconveniences like spotting. But in actuality, “normal” menstrual symptoms can be debilitating, they indicate underlying imbalances, and they can be remedied. They are also a great personal awareness tool and act as a monthly check-in for our overall physical and mental wellbeing…….Read more

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