I’ve had quite a few people write to me recently asking where my blog and newsletter have gone. Well, a few reasons:

a) the demands of my academic work take up all my time and I always feel under the gun, so the open thought space that used to produce my best (random) blogs is just not happening.

b) I’m in a phase where my new thinking is not yet quite formed enough for public consumption. And while that is gestating, I don’t seem to be able to write about anything else.

c) I’m not doing any events for the next nine months, on or offline, so I don’t have anything of that nature to put in a newsletter anyway.

I do want to share some information about other people’s work in the menstrual field, and I am planning a blog post on new books for later in the year.

But at the moment I’m just tweeting on and off, and you are most welcome to follow me there @laraowen. I plan to get back to writing longer pieces here and elsewhere at some point, and certainly once the PhD is done.

If anyone has any direct questions, feel free to email me using the contact tab above.

This chrysalis will emerge as something, sometime……

Lots of love and all good wishes, Lara.

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