Imbolc 2012

Happy Imbolc/Candlemas! This is the festival of the new lambs, (Imbolc means in the belly of the ewe) of new light returning (light candles to celebrate), of the Celtic Goddess Brigid and her threefold support of virgins (the nascent and untouched), poets (pure voice and vision) and healing (channeling the Source). Let the old drop away and allow in the New!

This Imbolc Neptune is in the last degree of Aquarius, while Saturn stations in the last degree of Libra. Moon conjuncts South Node in Gemini, Venus is opposite retrograding Mars. Not an easy time for relationships. Hang in there and do whatever practices connect you to the Source of your being.

Neptune goes into Pisces tomorrow, and Saturn turns retrograde on Tuesday. It all might feel rather sludgy and unclear right now, but over the coming weeks much will be revealed. With Mars and Saturn both retrograde the past will be available for reinspection and for healing. Not necessarily comfortable; take the long view. With Neptune in Pisces the entire collective is shaping up for a new understanding of spiritual presence.

3 responses

  1. Thanks for the Imbolc 2012. That explains why I’ve been having difficulty in relating to people in even the smallest things. It was interesting reading that. I’ll bear in mind this information.

  2. Also thanks from me. I recently moved back to my hometown, which feels like a wonderful new beginning but has also been dredging up a lot of past memories for inspection; now I get why.

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