The Time of Angels

The Time of Angels

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
The Bible, Hebrews (ch. XIII, v. 2)

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the depths of winter right now. The frosty mornings — pale sun gleaming through mist, hoar white icing covering the land, stilled trees giving their calm silhouette to the low skyline — are beautiful in their stark purity. The hedgerows are noisy with the scuttering sounds of chilled birds hunting for food, but the air is icy stillness. It’s magical, mysterious, and full of the promise of eventual renewal.

The ways we honor the Winter Solstice have two strong opposite-yet-complementary flavours – we enter a period of outer, extraverted, family-and-friends celebration, yet this is also the most deeply inward moment of the year. Some sources say that this is the time the angel realm is closest to the people of the earth. It is a wonderful opportunity for communion with the angelic spirit of endless kindness and protection. Read more…….

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