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  1. Dear Lara,

    Congratulations on your animated feature – it is fantastic and so timely.

    I have recommended your book to many people including one friend who is passing it from woman to woman and each is putting their name and the date inside.

    I am not sure if you remember me as you will have met many people in your move to Australia. I attended your two courses in Sydney at the end of 2012.

    Your email is timely because soon I will be offering a ritual/ceremony to celebrate a girl’s first period in the Blue Mountains. The inspiration has come from your work. The idea is very much in its infancy and the plan is to invite Mother and Daughter to a sacred ceremony in the bush to honour her introduction to womanhood. A friend is bringing her young daughter on Monday to meet me in preparation for the ceremony which will take place once her period arrives. Her mother wants her to be relaxed with me and the setting.

    If you remember, after your course, I wanted to be involved in some way but was confused how. Six months ago I started teaching six week conscious business courses in Sydney for wellness practitioners as I have a background in journalism. For the past five years I have been developing my intuitive skills and have been doing energy healing from my home in the Blue Mountains for the past three years. I have a strong interest in shamanism and the idea for the Mother/Daughter ceremonies has stemmed from this. I also have an indigenous girlfriend living in Queensland, who is going through menopause and finding your book very helpful, and is interested in developing the same ceremonies in her area.

    I just wanted to share what is happening and the influence your work is having. My daughter lives in Melbourne and the next time we are visiting I would like to make contact and possibly catch up for coffee if that would be convenient.

    Very best Wishes on your work with The Waratah Project


    T -0404 866 332


    • Hi Karen, Of course I remember you! Great you will be offering the girls’ ritual in the Blue Mtns. You might want to check out the work of Jane Bennett (janebennett.com.au) who has been giving “A Celebration Day for Girls” for several years and is now training women to deliver this workshop. Thanks for letting me know what is happening with the work. Get in touch when you are in Melbourne.

  2. This animated piece on celebrating first menstruation is stellar!
    Such an important right of passage for young women – loved the cultural celebrations!!!
    The West has sooo much to learn about reverence for the Feminine…

    Bravo Lara to your and your colleagues that are working on this project.
    Such important work you are doing here.

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