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Semester dates

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Semester structure

Each semester is 12 weeks long, with two breaks for you to focus on catching up with reading and working on your semester assignment.

The first semester breaks early for one week for the Spring holidays (???), and then again for one week (???) for UK school half term and Memorial Day (in the US).

The second semester breaks for one week for UK school half term (???) and for Thanksgiving (???) (in the US).

Lectures are recorded so you can watch them later, but to aid freedom and spontaneity of discussion, seminars are not recorded.


The lecture is a live 90 minute session with a introduction before and a discussion afterwards.

The lecture is available on the website the day after the second of the two lectures for the module. You can access it at any time thereafter.


The seminars build on the lecture session through a 90 minute discussion/workshop on the module theme.


Lecture and seminar sessions are each given twice a week, on alternating weeks, with the lecture in week 1 of the module followed by the seminar in week 2. You are welcome to attend both weekly sessions if you want to.

SESSION A: 10 am UK time on Sundays

SESSION B: 7 pm UK time on Wednesdays

Scroll down for the exact dates of each class and please put them in your own calendar.

Zoom links

Meeting ID: 364 893 6459

Password: CMS2023

You will be sent Zoom reminders just before each session, but in the event of an email failure you can always get in using the meeting ID.

All times are set for the UK

Make sure to factor in changes in the time difference due to Daylight Savings in your own location and in the UK (where the time changes on March 26 and October 29.)


Semester One
March 19 – June 7

Module 01. Introduction to Contemporary Menstrual Studies

Sunday, March 19, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, March 22, 7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, March 26, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, March 29, 7 pm: Seminar

Module 02. Menstruation in popular culture

Sunday, April 2, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, April 5,  7 pm: Lecture

Break 1

April 6—15

Module 02. Menstruation in popular culture (continued)

Sunday, April 16, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, April 19, 7 pm: Seminar

Module 03. Menstrual Stigma

Sunday, April 23, 10 am: Lecture
Friday, April 28,  7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, April 30, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, May 3, 7 pm: Seminar

Module 04. Menstruation and feminism

Sunday, May 7, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, May 10,  7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, May 14, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, May 17, 7 pm: Seminar

Module 05. Menstruation, wellbeing and health

Sunday, May 21, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, May 24,  7 pm: Lecture

Break 2

May 27-June 3

semester 1 assignment due

June 7

Module 05. Menstruation, wellbeing and health (continued)

Sunday, June 4, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, June 7, 7 pm: Seminar

Semester Two
September 17 – December 6

Module 06. Menstruation, business and technology

Sunday, Sept 17, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, Sept 20,  7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, Sept 24, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, Sept 27, 7 pm: Seminar

Module 07. Menstruation and the workplace

Sunday, Oct 1, 10 am, 11 am: Lecture
Wednesday, Oct 4,  7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, Oct 8, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, Oct 11, 7 pm: Seminar

Module 08. Menstruation and sustainability

Sunday, Oct 15, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, Oct 18,  7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, Oct 22, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, Oct 25, 7 pm: Seminar

Break 1

October 29 — November 4

Module 09. Menstruation, menstrual activism, and the law

Sunday, Nov 5, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, Nov 8,  7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, Nov 12, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, Nov 15, 7 pm: Seminar

Break 2

November 18 — November 25

Semester 2 Assignment due

November 25

Module 10. Integration and summing up

Sunday, Nov 26, 10 am: Lecture
Wednesday, Nov 29,  7 pm: Lecture

Sunday, Dec 3, 10 am: Seminar
Wednesday, Dec 6, 7 pm: Seminar