July 4-7, Copenhagen. Paper: Organizing different blood differently: Uptake of the menstrual cup in urban young women. Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), Copenhagen Business School.


August 22, Online (Brazil). Q & A, translated into Portugese. Recording available here on Youtube.

Nov 18 – Dec 9, Online, weekly 2 hour class (Brazil): Menstruation, women and the world: A course for menstrual educators and health professionals. (Translated into Portugese.) CLASS IS NOW FULL.

December 9, Online (UK): Webinar on menstruation, miscarriage and menopause in the workplace, 2 pm – 3:30 pm. University of Bedfordshire Business School. Registration free here.

December 11, Online (UK). Body of Work series (Wellcome Trust/Universities of Bath and Essex). Workshop on menstruation in the workplace, 11 am – 3:30 pm. Talk and Q & A: Menstruation and embodied sustainability. Registration free here.


May 31, St. Andrews. Paper: Menstrual cup use in urban young women: The simultaneous disruption and reproduction of menstrual stigma. Menstruation Research Network conference, St. Andrews University.

June 27-29, Milton Keynes. Two papers: Menstrual activism as redistributive remedy and The ‘permission field’: Changing norms surrounding menstruating at work. Critical Management Studies conference, the Open University.


January 17, St. Andrews. Paper: Menstrual materiality: Changing the permission field in the workplaceMenstruation Symposium, St. Andrews University. 

June 13-16, Sydney. Two papers: Menstrual activism and the sisterhood and When words flowWriting the PhD differentlyGender, Work, and Organization Conference, Macquarie University.


July 10-13, Rome. Paper: Towards a Menstrual Commons: Acknowledged Female Cyclicity as a Disruptor of Patriarchal Capitalism. Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), La Sapienza University.

August 10, Melbourne. Co-organiser and panel chair. Sociomateriality Methods Workshop. Interdisciplinary event, Monash Business School

August 17, Melbourne. Presentation (Red Tents: A brief history of menstrual activism and thoughts for the futureand panel member for Science Gallery event, The Future of Menstruation. University of Melbourne.

August 23-27, Vancouver Island. Justisse Fertility Awareness Educators Conference. Keynote on menstruation, capitalism, and the sisterhood. Co-leading workshop with Dr. Geraldine Matus on introjected phallogocentrism and internalised misogyny.

September 24-26, Online (USA based). Healing Body and Soul Summit. Interview with Dr. Judith Boice, on menstruation, psychological and spiritual development, and neoliberal capitalism. Now available for download as one of 25 talks.

October 25-28, Online (USA/France based). Dream Your World conference for 8-29 year old girls/women. Talk and Q & A on the menstrual cycle, deep dreaming, values, and making a difference. October 27 2am (Pacific time); 10 am (UK time); 8pm (Australia time).

December 15, Online (Canada based). Interview on Lisa Hendrickson-Jack’s Fertility Friday podcast, speaking on the menstrual cycle, the workplace, bodies, and neoliberalism. Also available on iTunes.

Lara Owen writes and researches on menstruation, work, and feminism. She teaches and consults internationally.

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