Love Begins front coverThe best relationships often come after forty, when experience has taught us what kind of person suits us best, and we can love more wisely and kindly than we did at an earlier age. But when you are single in your 40s, 50s or 60s, how do you go about meeting a new partner? This book gives you the information and support you need to get out there and search actively for love. Interviews with couples and the authors’ own experience show that it can be done, and their friendly guidance will encourage you on your way.

Love Begins At 40 shows you:

  • how to prepare yourself, practically and emotionally, for dating again
  • how to plan a strategy that will sustain you until you meet the right partner
  • how to use internet dating, personal ads, and introduction agencies
  • how to meet the right person by presenting yourself clearly and honestly
  • how to handle the feelings generated by a new relationship, both joyful and challenging
  • how to honour the journey itself, and the wisdom it can bring

Love Begins front cover“I have no doubt that this book will help countless people in their quest for love in midlife. Proclaiming that loneliness isn’t inevitable, its practical approach, combined with valuable insights into life and love, will certainly change lives for the better.” Bel Mooney (Daily Mail columnist)

Love Begins At 40 is a welcome and necessary guide to dating and relating in middle age. The complexities in many people’s lives after age forty – children, careers, general resistance to change – mean we can use some positive encouragement to help us find somebody. Cherry Gilchrist and Lara Owen are two experienced teachers and therapists who take a multi-level, yet grounded approach to their subject, writing clearly, with insight and practical wisdom. The book’s attitude is that one should be proactive in looking for love, because the effort is always worth it. Even readers of a more spontaneous or fatalistic mind are encouraged to inwardly cultivate the conditions for a relationship to come and find them. As Cherry and Lara say, `God will provide, but you must lay the table’. The reader is taken down every potential avenue: from speed-dating to introduction agencies, newspaper columns to Internet and premium-rate phone adverts. Practical advice is given on wording messages, vetting replies and actually setting up your dates. Numerous case histories are outlined, using real couples’ experiences in finding each other. This book will provide positive hope and guidance to many people. For anyone not sure how – or whether – to jump back on the relationship carousel, it is the perfect place to start.” Amazon review

“If you’re not sure between getting this book or Dating for Grownups, then go for this one. Although they both cover the same ground there’s much more information in this book, in particular the general advice about dating over 40 eg dating and baggage, in its various forms, yours and theirs. The pitfalls were mentioned, but generally the tone was positive and upbeat. I particularly liked the ‘success stories’ running throughout the book, illustrating specific bits of info at each stage. They added a warm and human touch to what can be a fraught arena.” Sarah Duncan, Amazon review

Love Begins front coverPublished in the U.K. by Hay House.

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Lara Owen writes and researches on menstruation, work, and feminism. She teaches and consults internationally.

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