May 4, University of St Andrews. Lecture: Menstrual organization and embodied sustainability. Part of the inaugural lecture series for STACEES (St Andrews Network for Climate, Energy, Environment and Sustainability).

June 30-July 2, University of Kent. Paper: Performative ‘menstruality’: Neoliberal productivity and the recurrent enclosure of the female reproductive bodyGender, Work and Organization Conference.

July 5-6, Copenhagen Business School. Paper: Organizing different blood differently: Uptake of the menstrual cup in urban young women. Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS).


August 22, Brazil. Q & A, translated into Portugese. Recording available here on Youtube.

Nov 18 – Dec 9, Brazil. Weekly 2 hour class: Menstruation, women and the world: A course for menstrual educators and health professionals. (Translated into Portugese.)

December 9, University of Bedfordshire: Webinar on menstruation, miscarriage and menopause in the workplace, 2 pm – 3:30 pm. University of Bedfordshire Business School.

December 11, Universities of Bath and Essex. Body of Work series (funded by the Wellcome Trust). Talk and Q & A: Menstruation and embodied sustainability. 


May 31, University of St. Andrews. Paper: Menstrual cup use in urban young women: The simultaneous disruption and reproduction of menstrual stigma. Menstruation Research Network Conference.

June 27-29, Open University, Milton Keynes. Two papers: Menstrual activism as redistributive remedy and The ‘permission field’: Changing norms surrounding menstruating at work. International Critical Management Studies Conference.


January 17, University of St. Andrews. Paper: Menstrual materiality: Changing the permission field in the workplaceMenstruation Symposium. 

June 13-16, Macquarie University, Sydney. Two papers: Menstrual activism and the sisterhood and When words flowWriting the PhD differentlyGender, Work, and Organization Conference.


July 10-13, La Sapienza University, Rome. Paper: Towards a menstrual commons: Acknowledged female cyclicity as a disruptor of patriarchal capitalism. Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS).

August 17, University of Melbourne. Presentation: Red tents: A brief history of menstrual activism and thoughts for the future. Science Gallery event on The future of menstruation.

August 23-27, Vancouver Island. Keynote lecture: Menstruation, capitalism, and the sisterhood. Co-taught workshop with Dr. Geraldine Matus on introjected phallogocentrism and internalised misogyny. Justisse Fertility Awareness Educators Conference.