Welcome! I now live in Melbourne where I lead The Waratah Project at The Victorian Women’s Trust.

The project aims to positively influence attitudes to menstruation and menopause through a range of strategies.

We’re currently in the research phase. A landmark document delineating our findings and making recommendations for social and educational policy will be published in late 2015.

Enquiries: For publishing and public speaking, email me via the Contact button above. For the Waratah Project, email me here.


My most recent books are Sky Mirror (a collection of essays) and  Growing Your Inner Light: A Guide to Independent Spiritual Practiceabout which people have said: “Masterful” Lama Tsultrim Allione • “Beautifully written and inspiring” William Bloom  • “A wonderful book” Bel Mooney • “Impressive wisdom” Connie Kaplan • “An indispensable resource” Mara Freeman

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