Research & Consulting

Research & Consulting

Workplace Consulting

I consult with organisations to design menstrual and menopausal wellbeing policies and/or clarify existing leave and flexitime policies, and deliver training workshops for staff and management.

Menstruation and menopause can be significant factors in women’s workplace wellbeing and career path decisions, but have historically been considered unmentionable, embarrassing or just too difficult to deal with.

Yet in an international survey, 70% of over 3,300 women felt they needed more work time/place flexibility during their period, a significant number supported by qualitative research.

In addition, women report negative experiences related to menstruation and menopause in organisational contexts, including unnecessary levels of discomfort, teasing, debilitating shame, and in some cases, outright trauma.

We can do this so much better. Organisations can thrive from opening up the conversation and acknowledging the realities of menstrual and menopausal experience.

This process usually includes the need to train management to engage with this issue sensitively, and to co-develop simple, cost-effective strategies that pay off in terms of employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

More transparency helps on all sides. Menstrual and menopausal wellbeing programs and policies can assist women to reach their potential, maintain high levels of wellbeing, and stay in work.

General Research & Consulting

I work as a consultant and researcher on projects concerning menstruation and menopause, and also on women’s issues more broadly. I bring:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience.
  • Advanced research skills (PhD level).
  • A team of researchers when necessary.
  • An international network of contacts in the field.

I have considerable experience across a broad spectrum of projects, including:

  • Education and empowerment programs for schools, businesses, and women’s advocacy organisations.
  • Menstrual products.
  • Menstrual healthcare & wellbeing research & programs, with knowledge of both conventional and traditional (indigenous) medical systems and beliefs.
  • Menstrual hygiene management (MHM) in developing countries and contexts.
  • Research and editing for books, documentary film and other media.

Lara Owen writes and researches on menstruation, work, and feminism. Based in Melbourne, she teaches and consults internationally.

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