The Cultural Context of Menopause

Menopause is not experienced the same way everywhere in the world, and in fact the differences are stark. Only in the Western industrially-developed world has menopause become highly symptomatic and culturally problematic. Here I look at how menopause experience is culturally constructed, and how we can learn from other cultures and positively reframe our experience.......

Chop Wood, Carry Water

I'm deep in the first semester of my research degree at Monash University, and so enjoying breaking new academic ground for myself. It's so engrossing that my intended blog post for this weekend on the cultural factors in menopause hasn't been written yet. And I...

Seven Reasons Why Menopause Is Such A Problem Today

For the past three years I've subscribed to Google Alerts for notification of press about menopause from all over the world, which turn up in my inbox every day. You may not be surprised to hear that the majority of articles are profoundly negative. And from talking to thousands of women directly about their experiences and looking at the research we have to date, I know it's true that for most women today, menopause is a seriously challenging life passage. Here are seven reasons why:

Bioidentical Hormones for Menopause. A Good Idea?

There's a time during the menopause transition in which many women find their symptoms are overwhelming, especially if they have a lot of hot flashes or bad insomnia, which can make you feel pretty wretched. At such times, it is very natural to want a quick fix, and...

Update July 2016

As regular readers know, in 2013 I moved from the UK to Australia to run a research project for a women’s advocacy organisation in Melbourne, tasked to find out what women and girls today think and feel about menstruation and menopause, and what they feel they need...

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